Get behind the world's largest content management system - WordPress.

WordPress has in a few years grown to become one of the largest publishing systems as more companies are discovering its advantages. No license fees and no long-term contract are combined with low management costs, security, stability and vendor independency.

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When is WordPress the right choice?

Few exceptions exist where WordPress is not a suitable system for your website. It is made to be used on both small and large site with great performance, excellent search engine optimization (SEO) support and easy administration.

WordPress as CMS

We help companies use WordPress as primary CMS-tool for their website in order to make it easier for them to update and manage it, increasing its value for the company.

A website built with WordPress isn’t just easy to use, but delivers excellent performance, security and provides a good base for search engine optimization. All without any license fees.

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WordPress as CMS

WordPress for eCommerce

WordPress for eCommerce

Through the excellent plugin WooCommerce, WordPress becomes a very capable eCommerce platform that can easily be used to sell products. Many integrations are available, such as to admin systems, shipping and delivery services.

Using it for eCommerce means that the benefits of security, great performance and excellent search engine optimization features remain—benefits that are useful in the fight for customers.

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Benefits with WordPress

WordPress comes with an array of advantages over other CMS-tools, adding to its cost efficiency, security and great performance.

Open Source

Thanks to open source, everyone can contribute to the core and the overall ecosystem. The risk of locking oneself into a system that will not be updated vanishes while making it safer and more stable.

High Security

A website with WordPress is a secure website. Thanks to the large community with knowledgable developers and its company backing any bugs and security problems are immediately addressed.

Ease of Use

Because the system has always been a common tool for many bloggers for several years, many already know the basics of using it. Learning to manage a website running WordPress is an easy task.


No other system offers the same possibility for quick and efficient support. Apart from support and consulting services that we offer, a big community who love to help is there for you.

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