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Are you unsatisfied with your current website? Whether it is slow, hard for your to update or just looks worse than you want it to, we can help you make your WordPress website a success.

Websites need to be carefully crafted as they reflect your business identity to the world. Our experience in business and marketing is combined with our expertise in WordPress web design and development. This allows us to create websites that deliver results.

Learning how to use the site
Not only is a website enough to have. WordPress is a very easy system to learn how to work with so that you too can update your website whenever you want, from wherever you are.

No license costs
Using WordPress is absolutely free and there are an extensive library of free extensions to add functionality too. You are never locked in to specific suppliers wanting high yearly licensing fees.

The only cost apart from building your WordPress site, is that of hosting and maintenance that you would have with any website. The beauty with the great open source community is that there is always someone available to help. Of course, we aim to be your first stop for help.

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Why get a WordPress website with us?

We have over ten years of experience working with the web and clients of all sizes. The sites that we build puts you and your business in focus through excellent design and technology.

Excellent User-Friendly Design

We work exclusively with great WordPress templates that have been carefully vetted. Your website should always have a great design that is user friendly and fits with your branding.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Browsing on mobile devices is increasing heavily, which is why all the WordPress websites that we build are fully responsive. This means that they behave and look perfectly regardless of the device the user is browsing on.

Outstanding Performance

Google is reporting that you loose 20 % of your traffic for every 100 ms it takes to load your site. This is why we carefully optimize all sites that we build for the best possible performance.

“Erik is a phenomenal designer who gets both the technical aspects of web design as well as the creative nature of it. I would gladly use XLD Studios again and again.”Terry White,Principal Cross Media Evangelist, Adobe

Customer-focused Development

Many agencies want you to know everything about the web and guide them. We realize that you have ideas and we want to help you turn them into a great website. During the process we want help you get what you are really asking for. After all, we believe that this is why you are asking us in the first place.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

You have more important things to be doing than worrying about your WordPress website. Our ongoing maintenance and support means that we take care of updates and make sure that your site is securely backed up. Plus, we are always just a phone call or email away if you have any questions.

Education and Assistance

During the entire process are fully committed to making your site awesome. We will talk with you about content, marketing as well as helping you learn WordPress. Plus, when we are done you always have access to our help through our maintenance package.

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Who are we?

We are a small WordPress agency with over ten years of experience in building websites for clients both large and small. Our flexible team makes your website come to life with quality thanks to our experience and the power of WordPress—the world’s largest CMS system.