WordPress Performance Optimization

According to Google you loose 20 % of your traffic for every extra 100ms it takes to load your website. Amazon found that for every 100 ms, they loose 1 % of their sales. Google also factors in the speed of your site into its search ranking algorithm. You have everything to win by increasing the performance of your website. The most important thing is more happy customers for your business.

Many websites are slowed down because they simply aren’t configured well. We can help you first do a profile to determine what could be done to optimize your WordPress website’s performance. After that we help you with the WordPress performance optimization. This makes your site faster and more efficient.

Clients who we help with performance tuning typically see a 40-50% reduction in the loading times on their websites. To help, we have put together a package with a typical performance optimization of a WordPress website, where we analyze and optimize your website to see these improvements for only $699.

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“XLD Studios has helped me a number of times with my WordPress site – their knowledge in that area is tremendous, and the turnaround time in dealing with my problems was extremely fast.”Dave Cross,
Owner, Dave Cross Workshops

WordPress Performance Optimization Tips & Tricks

Below are the core things that we profile for. We help you set this up when we do your WordPress performance optimization.


Loading content again every time you load a page takes time. By caching the pages they are loaded from memory which is dramatically faster for the end-user.

Plugin Profiling

Plugins are excellent but too many of them, or poorly coded ones can slow your site down. We help you analyze them and clean up or replace bad ones.

Theme Code Optimization

There are usually lots that can be done with your theme, especially if you are using a purchased theme from somewhere. We review and optimize the code to run faster.

Image Optimization

The slowest loading objects on the web are usually images. By optimizing them we can reduce the file size greatly without degrading the image quality.


By spreading out static files (images, stylesheets and scripts) across a distributed network of servers across the globe, users always access them from the location nearest them.


Your website most likely loads severals scripts and stylesheets. By combining these and minifying the code it takes less bytes, makes less requests and loads quicker.

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