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Despite WordPress being a very use friendly content management system, it is never easy to be thrown into a system and know everything from the start. We offer lectures, workshops and WordPress courses for business and individuals about how to handle and maintain your WordPress website. Become a professional at WordPress and take a WordPress course with us.

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Many company websites remain stale and never gets updated, despite heavy investments into making them look great. An out-of-date website looks bad. WordPress is easy to use and with one of our courses, you can easily get going and start working with WordPress as your friend again.

Our teaching methodology is that it should be fun and easy to learn. In our WordPress courses, we therefore combine humour with all the important information in a pedagogical and effective way. Apart from holding courses at companies, Erik, who heads the courses and lectures, has spoken at several conferences around the world as a highly appreciated speaker.

Please do get in touch with us and book a WordPress course so that you or your business can learn to use your website in a better way.

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WordPress lecture with Erik Bernskiöld
Lecture at WordCamp Stockholm in 2012. Photo by Daniel Carlbom.

D2WC 2012
Erik Bernskiöld lectures at D2WC 2012. Photo by Jim Leether


Teaching is among the most fun things. That is at least Erik’s opinion and is why he lectures at conferences and events around the world, especially about WordPress.

A lecture treats an important and current subject within WordPress and can be standalone or part of a larger series. Lectures, as opposed to workshops and courses, don’t contain a practical hands-on portion for the attendees but presents and teaches a subject in a pedagogical and fun way.

For a preview on how a lecture with Erik can sound, you can listen to a lecture from D2Wc 2013 about Designing and Developing for E-Commerce.

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