WordPress Consulting

It’s not always that case that you need a completely new WordPress website. Sometimes you just need some help finding the right place in the jungle that WordPress and its community can be. You need a WordPress consultant that is ready to help you when you need.

Save time and prioritize right with consultant help

Erik Bernskiöld - WordPress Consultant

Maybe you have the possibility to do much of the work yourself, or you want to develop your new website in-house to learn, save money or because it is fun. We too think WordPress is a lot of fun and understand. It is however easy to get stuck when you are new to something, or to get in way over your head. By taking our help as consultants to your WordPress-project you can access to many years of experience whenever you need it. Thus, you can save much time and focus your energy on the right things. Time is also money.

Someone by your side

The idea is that you with our help should feel save. Regardless of whether you are drafting a request for proposals for a WordPress project, or if you are an agency requiring some extra support and help in the WordPress world now and then, a WordPress consultant is the right thing to hire. Companies that have hired us for their projects include communications agency Truth, Jetshop and VimleWebb