Video Tutorial: How To Configure W3 Total Cache

One of the best plugins to enable caching and speed up your WordPress site is W3 Total Cache. It can however be a bit tricky to configure properly. In this video tutorial, I walk you through how to configure it for maximum performance on your WordPress site.

While some settings will need to be set specifically for your goals and site specifics, the tutorial gives you a good set  of defaults and in it, I point out if there are settings you can experiment with on your own to tweak the performance.

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New Site for the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences

During the fall we have been working on a project that I have been eagerly waiting to share with the world: A new website for the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences (Kungliga Örlogsmannasällskapet). The society, founded in 1771 and one of the royal academies of Sweden, approached us in need of an new website, both because it needed to be made more visually appealing, and because it needed to be easier to update.

Personally, I must say that this project has been very fun to work on and a big thanks goes to the society for having been wonderful to work with in every stage of the project. The best websites come from the best collaborations, something which this process amply highlights.

Why not take a moment and head over to the website and check it out?

Slides and More from #wpbar Gothenburg!

Today truly was WordPress day here in Sweden with a three #wpbar events across Sweden (Gothenburg, Stockholm and Helsingborg) where we gather to talk about WordPress over snacks and beer. This time, the good people at Rabash, another design studio here in Gothenburg were kind enough to host the event.

I was asked to give a short talk on the same subject as at WordCamp Stockholm, namely good admin user interfaces in WordPress, and why this is so very important for us as developers (if you missed it, there is a recording available here, in swedish). Catch the slides and good links after the fold.
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Save The Date for #wpbar in Gothenburg!

Previously, #wpbar has been an event in Stockholm where a group of people interested in WordPress join together over drinks to talk WordPress. At WordCamp Stockholm plans were made for a new #wpbar, this time not only in Stockholm.

On November 22nd, we will be having a #wpbar event here in Gothenburg too. I have been asked to speak on the same topic as I did at WordCamp Stockholm (it is a topic that I am very passionate about) and I hope we will have a great turnout. Whilst the venue is yet to be selected, if you are going to be in or near Gothenburg on November 22, save the date and join us for some relaxed and fun WordPress discussions over drinks.

Infographic over CMS Usage

Today I saw this infographic floating around Twitter and found that I quite enjoyed it. Overall, it does a good job at comparing at least the appearance of the most popular CMS systems that are used.

Most notably I think is that Joomla is still used greatly, even more so than Drupal, a system that I personally favor more as an upscale alternative to WordPress, when the WordPress features just doesn’t cut it. This is reflected in the average costs which are typically much lower for WordPress which indeed has a lower threshold for a basic site than does Drupal.

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Speaking at WordCamp Stockholm on October 22

I’m happy to say that I’ll be up, speaking at WordCamp Stockholm on October 22. My session is going to be about user interfaces, more specifically on the importance of spending time on admin interfaces for clients.

As WordPress developers and designers, I think we have an obligation not to come up with complicated ways to manage custom features that are not in core. Whenever we make a custom feature, we also need to think about how working with it from an administrative point of view makes most sense for our client. I’ll be sharing experiences, examples and solutions so please join me. Meanwhile, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic too.

WordCamp Stockholm is going to be a really fun day and I hope to see you there. Don’t forget to follow the event at the hashtag #wpsthlm and if you’re going to be there, come up and say hi!

New Website for Caparol – Collaboration with VimleWebb

A few weeks back we launched a new website for Caparol, a paint manufacturer (if that’s the English term…) here in Sweden. This was done in collaboration with VimleWebb who we work a lot with.

Our part in this project was to help make parts of the site easier to update by building custom functionality to extend upon the core WordPress feature-set.

Store Locator

Part of what Caparol wanted was a store locator where they could easily insert new resellers where buyers could find their paint. This store locator had to be easily updatable so we decided to utilize the custom post types in WordPress to essentially build a store display.

By integrating this with the Google Maps API, we were able to create a user friendly page for finding the store nearest to the customer location, at any given time.