Website Launch

New Site for the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences

During the fall we have been working on a project that I have been eagerly waiting to share with the world: A new website for the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences (Kungliga Örlogsmannasällskapet). The society, founded in 1771 and one of the royal academies of Sweden, approached us in need of an new website, both because it needed to be made more visually appealing, and because it needed to be easier to update.

Personally, I must say that this project has been very fun to work on and a big thanks goes to the society for having been wonderful to work with in every stage of the project. The best websites come from the best collaborations, something which this process amply highlights.

Why not take a moment and head over to the website and check it out?

Launching an Updated Website for Team Hälso & Friskvård

We have been working with local personal fitness and training company Team Hälso & Friskvård for several months to create an improved website for them to attract more customers.

Their old website wasn’t bad at all and we have kept the design, which is deeply rooted in their graphical identity and just improved on it.

Our Goals

We had a number of goals that Team HF set for us to make the new website look better. Firstly, it needed to perform better. They had a fairly high bounce rate on the site and were not getting any major leads of their contact us section. Attracting more leads became the lead goal.

Secondly, Team HF wanted to increase the number of people that used their training center and gym by updating its training section with a more appealing page design.

Finally, we were asked to make the site easy to keep up to date with new content and information.

What we did.

Let’s now take a look at what we did to improve their website and make it perform better.

Backend System Change to WordPress & Code Tweaking

The site used to be powered by a .NET based content management system that was custom made by the agency that initially made their website. We suggested that we change the backend system to WordPress for several key reasons:

  1. Extensibility: The custom CMS would be hard to extend with new features, even contact forms.
  2. Ease-of-use: WordPress allows us to make it easier for Team HF to update more of the website themselves which was one of their key requirements.
  3. Security: By choosing WordPress, we can ensure that the site is constantly being updates to patch the latest security threats which would be harder and more costly on the custom CMS.

Team HF Framsida

Redesigning the Frontpage

Team HF’s previous frontpage did not have much information to lead you through and want to explore the site. It was pretty unclear where you should be heading next. To solve this, we created a new design (within their existing layout and graphical identity).

Specific services are immediately visible along with good-looking photos to attract the viewers attention and make them go deeper into the site and become interested in the services that Team HF offers.

Finally, we chose to clean up the page, make the design simpler and make it less cluttered with inconsistent font sizes and families.

Team HF: Standardsida

Introduced Quick Contact Form

To make it easier for them to convert visitors into customers, we added a contact form on each informational page on the site that asks the visitor if he/she wants to learn more, allowing them to painlessly drop their name and contact information. This can be picked up by the team at Team HF to call or email the lead and close the deal.

By allowing users to painlessly contact them, we dramatically increase the likelihood of new customers as Team HF themselves can personally contact the client and sell the products in a more personal way than the website can, without the client having to do much work.

Team HF: Träning

Cleaner Design & New Training Page

As a final part in reaching our goals, we opted to fully re-design the main landing page for the training section to promote the different services that are offered and overall make it more visual instead of the old text based section.

Many of the links and graphics on the old site lacked contrast, making it hard to use and navigate the site. This was improved by altering some of the colors, still keeping it within the main graphical identity.


Even though the new site was only just released we have seen an increase in leads coming through the instant access contact forms on every page of the site. With time, it remains to be seen how much the bounce rate is being affected, but we are confident that Team HF will ultimately gain more customers through their updated website.