How to get WordPress with WooCommerce Loading in 200ms in Five Steps

On a recent project, we were working with Kristofer and Sixten over at to develop a brand new WordPress multisite e-commerce network. Fortunately, both of them understood the need for performance both from a usability and conversion point of view and from a SEO point of view.

Client buy-in is important to be able to get a site running as fast as possible, and we were able to make this WordPress multisite network load at around 200ms from european locations. Let’s look at what we did, and what you can do.

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Video Tutorial: How To Configure W3 Total Cache

One of the best plugins to enable caching and speed up your WordPress site is W3 Total Cache. It can however be a bit tricky to configure properly. In this video tutorial, I walk you through how to configure it for maximum performance on your WordPress site.

While some settings will need to be set specifically for your goals and site specifics, the tutorial gives you a good set  of defaults and in it, I point out if there are settings you can experiment with on your own to tweak the performance.

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Experiences with CloudFlare

First of all, let me make it absolutely clear that this post is in no way sponsored by CloudFlare. Nor do we get any commission if you sign up, or click on any links (no affiliate links). With that out of the way, let me tell you about our experiences with CloudFlare over the past months.

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Hey Photographers, Do This Now To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Working directly on a photographer’s website, I always want to spend quite some time on the performance side of things, especially since you could argue that the website is so vital to the photographer getting any business.

Unfortunately, many photographers neglect performance when building their own sites in WordPress, so this post is for you guys. Simple instructions on what you should do to speed up your site (if you are running WordPress that is…).

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4 New and Exciting Features in WordPress 3.3

I’m a big WordPress fan and here at XLD Studios we use WordPress for all projects where it is appropriate (which is a lot). Of course I am excited to play around with new versions of WordPress to see if they manage to improve the experience and take more steps towards a more robust CMS.

So, today I wanted to share a few of the new really cool things that have been added to WordPress 3.3 that is coming out soon.
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