Supercharged Coda Workflow UI

For most web development, Coda 2 from Panic is the main application of choice. The reason I favor Coda for site development is a combination of all of its features but mainly its ability to organize sites and handle publishing of edited files. A benefit is the ability to set up the user interface for super quick development, which is what I wanted to share with you guys today.

The way I set up Coda when starting the development of a site is to take advantage of the columns feature, splitting the window up in three columns on my 27″ screen. One for the HTML code, one for the CSS and a final for a browser preview. The browser preview is automatically updated when you change something in the CSS or HTML views. This way, you get instant references from your HTML code (when coding CSS) and get the instant update in the browser too.

Interface from Panic Coda 2