Source Code Pro – Beautiful Code Editor Font from Adobe

I’ve always been a big fan of the fonts that Adobe has made and when they released a new one, specifically for code editors last week, I was overjoyed. The new font is called Source Code Pro and is based on their also recently released, open source font, Source Sans. The difference is that Source Code is made to work best with code editors.

Since the release, I’ve been using Source Code Pro in all my editors (Coda 2 and Sublime Text 2 if anyone is wondering) since the release and I must say that it is looking very nice  indeed! Check it out.

  • Radu Micu

    Been trying this one for myself, and looks great, never tried it in sublime text, what font size do you use in sublime? You are using the regular version right?

    • Yep. Using the regular version at 12px in Sublime. Looks very nice, especially in the dark theme.