Make Your Website More Engaging With Good Images

We all know that content is king but as the internet is turning away from being text driven to be more about media, a shift that happened years ago with faster internet speeds, you need to adapt the sites you build. One foolproof method of making your website more engaging is to use the right images. Here are suggestions on what you think about.

Quality is King

Regardless of which tips you use below, one this is for certain.Don’t even try to add low-quality images that are heavily compressed or scaled up from a small size. All you are doing is planting a bad feeling with your visitors. If you are going to use images (and you should), make sure they are tack sharp!

It isn’t enough with images that are technically right in exposure and sharpness though. A common snapshot isn’t enough. Hire a professional photographer to take engaging photos specifically for your site that capture the feeling that you want to convey.

Show Your Physical Location

Obviously, this point only applies if you have a physical location such as a store or showroom or if you provide services dependent on a location. Don’t be afraid to show off your offices on your website as this can be a big selling point. Example: You sell flowers. Showing a well decorated store full of flowers will have your potential customers wanting to go to your store because it looks nice. Another example: You are a law firm. Displaying your modern offices to clients will fill them with a sense that you are professional and want to visit you.

You don’t want to place these photos anywhere on the site. Inserting them on a page specifically describing your store/showroom/offices is perfect. If you don’t have a page like that, consider adding them to your “about us” page.

Staff Photos Can Make a Difference

Read carefully. This first bit is very important. Some industries should be very cautious about taking this advice. If your company does medical care or deal with unstable people, you might want to consider not having staff photographs on your website. Instead of being a positive element, it may put employees at risk. Before making a decision to put photos online, speak to your employees and see how they feel about it.

That being said, business is built on trust. Humans are going to trust a face more easily than a name. By having photos and descriptions of your staff on your website, you help to connect the expertise that you want to show with your potential clients. Instead of only reading about whom they are about to deal with, they can see the face of the person. At the end of the day, you are much more likely to gain a client this way.

Use Faces To Your Advantage

Following from the previous point, faces are good in general on your website as humans react to human faces. People spend more time looking at your site when they are able to connect with a fellow human being, even if it is through an image.

In a little experiment, Usable World tracked visitors eye movements across sites with faces. Interestingly enough, it is not just the presence of an image that matters but where they are looking. People tend to look where the person in the photo is looking. Use this to your advantage. Place a photo on your website that looks over where you want your visitors to look and watch the conversion rate go right up.


Images are truly powerful in making your pages more engaging. Perhaps the most interesting bit is that people look where a subject in a photo is looking.

While the concept of images are easier implemented on some types of websites, most companies online today should be able to take advantage of images to raise the conversion rate of their pages.

These are just some tips on how images make your site more effective and we know there are more. Do you have a good example of how images made a site better? What has your experience taught you? We’d love to hear your stories!