Facebook’s New Graph Search Wants to Put People in Control of Search

Facebook today at an event, unveiled their new Graph Search which essentially wants to pick up the battle with Google over search. As everyone is well aware of by now, finding things on Facebook isn’t exactly easy. You can try using their search box, but it is unlikely that it is going to get you very far.

Facebook’s new Graph Search aims to change that completely, and is Facebook’s way of saying that people and social connections ultimately matter much more than algorithms, or to put it in another way, that you should now stay within Facebook when searching too.

Facebook Graph Search

Aggregating Lots of Social Data = Big Advantage

Using Facebook on a day-to-day basis, it is quite unbelievable that the network is as big as it is. You hardly ever notice most of the other billion people also using it, and rarely do you find that billion useful either. In the way that Google has always excelled—using the data they have from their users—Facebook can potentially become even greater.

The reason for this is simply that Facebook has much more in-depth data about us through our social connections than does Google. Thus, the idea behind the new Graph Search is that you are more likely to want to see links that have been shared by others on Facebook, an assumption that could absolutely potentially hold up.

Facebook’s new Graph Search puts an even greater emphasis on what has been touted for what seems like an eternity: Content for humans matter the most.

From a website owner point of view, this means an inherent change in the way we think about sharing content online. It truly reinforces what Google has been saying and trying for years (and many ignoring for just as long): Content is what matters. This is even more prevalent with the new Facebook Graph Search, because once it rolls out, what your social network shares and considers valuable, is what is going to be shown and recommended automatically to their network. Who wouldn’t want to tap into that?

Further Reading

Graph Search is big in the news today with all tech sites writing about it. Do start by going to Facebook itself where you can get a demo and also sign up for the beta, which is rolling out in very limited editions.

Other good sites that have written about Graph Search from different perspectives are: AllThingsD, Forbes, Wired, Wall Street Journal and Search Engine Land.

Also, take a look at this video from The Verge, showing the graph search in a live demo: