Dress Right For Client Meetings And Close The Deal

I’m not trying to imply that you are dressing badly to start with, however I am suggesting that you probably are underdressing for client meetings. Because we are in a creative field, many people think that this must be clearly noticeable in the way they dress. This is in fact completely wrong. If you dress up for client meetings, you are much more likely to land the project and close the deal. In this article, I am going to tell you exactly why this is and how you can dress to impress.

Disclaimer: The advice on clothing in this article is targeted at men. I would love to hear from women on the equivalent clothing for you to include in this article with attribution to you.

Clothing Shows Seriousness

The way you dress clearly shows how serious you are about their business. If you are the business owner or CEO of your own or a small company, you are still the top person. In other companies outside the creative sphere it is the norm to see executives dress in a suit (with or without tie) or at least a suit jacket. Given that this is business standard today, you should do the same. This shows your prospective client that you are serious about their business and that you value their company and business.

Additionally, we perceive humans by the way they dress and people dressed in suits or similar often come across better than people in the casual T-Shirt when it comes to business. Take advantage of this notion when dressing and get a head start directly.

Show Creativity Subtly

Wearing a suit doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of ways to show creativeness while wearing a suit jacket, without resorting to weird color combinations, or buying a suit with bright orange button holes. Spice it up with other accessories while still keeping the professional feel.

Creativity is as much about a perfect and well balanced combination as sticking out. It is a common misconception that you must stand out with colors when you dress. Instead you could just as easily stand out by choosing each part of your outfit carefully, making sure it matches perfectly. Trust me, it will show.

How Should I Dress?

First of all, strongly consider wearing a suit if the company you are meeting with would wear it. You could very well leave the tie out of the suit, although wearing one is good if the company you have a meeting with usually wears ties.

If you want to dress down a bit from the suit, you have the option to taking a dress shirt and suit trousers, once again with or without a tie. Leaving the suit jacket out makes it more casual while still keeping a professional approach.

Another option is wearing dark blue jeans together with a matching darker suit jacket. Remember that blue is a good business color both for shirts and suits. When it comes to suits though, keep it dark for formal business.

For more direct dress advice, consider listening to this two-part podcast (Part 1, Part 2) by the folks at Manager Tools who definitely know what they are talking about.


By dressing appropriately for your client, you not only show them that you are serious about their business but it gives you a head start. Not dressing up could make it much harder for you to land the bigger clients, who might expect a CEO of a firm to dress the way CEOs normally dress.

Invest in your clothing and you will begin to see the results directly, even in your bottom line.