WordPress has in a few years grown to become one of the largest publishing systems as more companies are discovering its advantages. No license fees and no long-term contract are combined with low management costs, security, stability and vendor independency.

How to get WordPress with WooCommerce Loading in 200ms in Five Steps

On a recent project, we were working with Kristofer and Sixten over at to develop a brand new WordPress multisite e-commerce network. Fortunately, both of them understood the need for performance both from a usability and conversion point of view and from a SEO point of view.

Client buy-in is important to be able to get a site running as fast as possible, and we were able to make this WordPress multisite network load at around 200ms from european locations. Let’s look at what we did, and what you can do.

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WordPress 4.2.4 Fixes Security Vulnerabilities

The latest security update to WordPress was just released. WordPress 4.2.4 fixed several important security holes: cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and potential SQL injection opportunities. Apart from these, there are a few bugs fixed too.

Make sure your get your site updated as quickly as possible. Security releases tend to be a target to hackers relatively quickly afterwards. If you don’t want to keep track of this, we’d be happy to help you through a maintenance plan for as low as $29/month, just contact us.

Update to WordPress 4.0.1

Last night we saw the release of WordPress 4.0.1 which is a strict security release to fix a critical security vulnerability that was found a while ago and has existed in WordPress for a long time.

As such, it is perhaps even more important than usual that you go ahead and click that update button to make sure you are running the latest version. If your site is using the auto-updater, make sure it has done its job. If you are on our maintenance plan your site has already been upgraded this past night.

How to Submit Your WordPress Website Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

When you have your website all created, ready and done, you should create an account with Google Webmaster Tools and add your WordPress website sitemap to it, so that you help Google see and find the pages that it should index.

In this short video, I’ll show you how to generate a good sitemap from WordPress and then explain how to add it to Google Webmaster Tools and why this is important.

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How to migrate a WordPress database from a dev to a live environment

The process of moving a WordPress site from one server to another and/or one domain name to another is actually not that complicated once you get the hang of the process. Apart from moving all the files via FTP, you need to migrate the database which holds all of your posts, pages and settings.

In this video, I will walk you through how this migration is done via phpMyAdmin that most web hosts use, and changing the domain name properly in the database through the popular Search Replace DB script. Continue Reading »

Poedit Pro Adds Direct Support for WordPress Themes and Plugins

We’ve previously shown how to properly translate WordPress themes and plugins using Poedit. One of the steps is setting up the project with the right keywords and paths which can (due to the fast amount of keywords in WordPress) take a little time, especially if you do it often.

Now, Poedit has released a Pro version, that, in addition to supporting the development, comes with a quick WordPress theme/plugin mode that inserts all of these by default when you create a new project for a theme/plugin through the app.

Personally, I think the $19.99 is worth it just for this time saving feature and for supporting the Poedit development, seeing as it is an app that I personally use quite a bit.

To get it, just update the Poedit app to the latest version and you’ll be prompted to sign up, or visit their Pro page.

5 Bad Practices to Watch Out for When Buying a WordPress Theme

Buying a WordPress theme can be a difficult business. After all, you want something that looks good and finding the perfect looks sure isn’t always that easy. Sadly, once you have found the most gorgeous theme you could ever have hoped for, it may still let you know.

In this post, I want to touch on 5 bad practices that exist the WordPress theme community and that you really need to watch out for when buying a WordPress theme.

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