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D2WC 2013: Designing and Developing for eCommerce

One of the conferences I really enjoy doing every year is D2WC – Designer, Developer Workflow Conference in Kansas City. Right now, it’s on again and I’m honored to have been invited back to speak-

This year, I’m doing two sessions, where one is on this topic: Designing and Developing for eCommerce. Click the more link to see what the session was about and see my slides.
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Why the SEO Industry Shouldn’t Be Surprised About Its Bad Reputation

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Boag wrote an article on Smashing Magazine that I personally thought had many good points in it. This post was slammed in the comments by people in the SEO industry, telling Paul why he was wrong and was followed up by a most excellent post “What The Heck is SEO? A Rebuttal” collaboratively written by trustworthy people in the SEO industry, explaining that in fact, Paul has the SEO industry all wrong, explaining what they really do.

What I find interesting about this, is reading the follow up post on Smashing Magazine, and one by Joost de Valk to learn that I, like Paul, have another image of the SEO industry that they so fiercely want to defend, and rightly so. Continue Reading »

Make Your Website More Engaging With Good Images

We all know that content is king but as the internet is turning away from being text driven to be more about media, a shift that happened years ago with faster internet speeds, you need to adapt the sites you build. One foolproof method of making your website more engaging is to use the right images. Here are suggestions on what you think about.

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