Design Resource: Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD

I found this last week over on Smashing Magazine. They have a freebie design resource called the Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD. Basically, it is a layered Photoshop document containing all the Facebook user interface elements that makes it easy for you to design graphics for either Facebook walls or tabs.

What makes this helpful is that you get to design your graphic while seeing right away how it looks on Facebook’s design. What’s more, they are promising that with every change to the Facebook UI, this file will be reproduced 24 hours later.

15 Examples of Gorgeous Pricing Table Designs

Any business that provides a tired product or service needs to present this well for their customers. Pricing tables are far from a simple outline of what each product tier offers, but a marketing tool to make customers choose the “right” package that makes you the most money.

In this roundup, we take a look at 15 pricing table designs that all look gorgeous and drill down to what the main features of the tables are before finishing up with a conclusion on the current popular trends in pricing tables and what you should consider doing when in charge of designing such a table.

You can use this post in two ways, either as a source of inspiration for your project, or to learn what techniques are out there or why not combine the two reasons?

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