D2WC 2013: Designing and Developing for eCommerce

One of the conferences I really enjoy doing every year is D2WC – Designer, Developer Workflow Conference in Kansas City. Right now, it’s on again and I’m honored to have been invited back to speak-

This year, I’m doing two sessions, where one is on this topic: Designing and Developing for eCommerce. Click the more link to see what the session was about and see my slides.
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Dress Right For Client Meetings And Close The Deal

I’m not trying to imply that you are dressing badly to start with, however I am suggesting that you probably are underdressing for client meetings. Because we are in a creative field, many people think that this must be clearly noticeable in the way they dress. This is in fact completely wrong. If you dress up for client meetings, you are much more likely to land the project and close the deal. In this article, I am going to tell you exactly why this is and how you can dress to impress.

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5 Steps To Successfully Evaluate All Client Projects And Make Clients Happier

I firmly believe that there is something to be learnt from every new project that you complete. It is incredibly easy to just briefly think about something you want to change in the process, never to write it down or remember it again. At the same time, it is easy to just slavishly move through project after project in the same way without a thought to potential improvements. Here I want to give you five steps that you can take to successfully evaluate all client projects and elevate yourself.

Projects start before the contract is signed. Don’t limit your thinking to just the project itself but broaden yourself to include the project proposal and estimate phase. Don’t wait to evaluate this until the project is completed. Immediately after signing a deal, go through the steps here. If a client is slightly unhappy with the proposal experience, why not take the opportunity and change it for the rest of the project which is likely to be a longer period of time anyway.

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