Studentbusiness, a recent startup website in Stockholm, Sweden came to us for help in creating their technical platform and service.

A recent startup in the Stockholm scene is Studentbusiness. Their idea appealed to us. They wanted to connect students with businesses for both internships and full positions.

The founder came to us for help in creating a good technical platform that would both work with their limited starting budget, but that would allow them to grow the site as necessary in the coming few years.

We helped guide Studentbusiness in saving some work where it was viable, while spending more in other important areas. We are glad that the founder of Studentbusiness realised the importance of clever strategic decisions right up front.

The result is an easy to use website based on the WordPress platform, allowing users to submit and pay for job listings, while allowing students to freely register, upload their CV (or import from LinkedIn) and apply for jobs. All in a simple and straightforward way!

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