Segnet came to us with an outdated and insecure website asking us to refresh it with a complete new architecture and modern yet simple design.

Segnet came to us caught while having a security problem with their previous outdated website. They rightly reasoned that they were better off with a new, modern site on a new secure platform than patching their old one.

For Segnet we built a simple yet effective custom WordPress theme around their branding, that they have been able to update and maintain easily by themselves since then.

As always with our custom work, we spend extra time and effort in making user experience excellent both on the frontend and backend. This reduces effort for all types of users.

On their website, Segnet offers downloadable technical brochures upon user registration. Previously this was filled with spam accounts, so we implemented a new technical workflow for the registrations, building upon WordPress stable user management system and Gravity Forms’ excellent user registration workflow. The result is an easy to use user registration system with greater security and no spam accounts.

Not only did Segnet with their new website get a modern website that will serve their and their customers’ needs much better, they also got a website with a modern technical architecture. This makes it safer against attacks and spam, which ultimately reflects positively on their brand.

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