Christer Lundström, aka SAS Captain, wanted help to launch a website to share his photos, videos and stories from his daily life as a commercial air pilot.

Christer Lundström, also known as SAS Captain online on Twitter and Instagram, came to us asking for help to create website to be his online home, where he could gather more of his photos, videos and stories that he collects in his daily life as a commercial air pilot.

Because being a pilot means being busy, Christer wanted to make the site easily maintained, or as he put it, “I really don’t have time to blog”.

To solve this dilemma of an actively updated website without actually having to update it, we integrated the WordPress site heavily with YouTube and Instagram, sites where he already regularly post content to, so that the site is automatically updated.

The end result is that Christer now has a flexible online home to share his beautiful photos and videos from the air and behind the scenes as a pilot. He also has the ability to publish custom posts and in general has a place that gathers all of his online content.

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