Lively Wines

Lively Wines

Lively Wines, a new Swedish wine importer, needed a professional website for their launch where they can show off their producers and their collection of wines.

We were asked by Lively Wines to help them create a website to be ready for their upcoming launch. Lively Wines is a new wine importer on the Swedish market who wants to focus on the quality and story behind each good wine that they choose to import.

The website we built using WordPress and a pre-existing theme to save both time and to make the project fit into their budget. Because of this, we were able to also add a wine database system, powered by the flexible WooCommerce. With this, we are able to expose all their wines to visitors, who can find the right wine by filtering and searching through a number of different criteria.

Naturally, the site is completely responsive and functions well regardless of which device you are viewing it on. This means that we keep with Lively Wines promise, to feature the quality of their wines and producers with the dignity that they have earned.

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