Open Source Exchange Rates API

Earlier this week I came across an interesting API, called the Open Source Exchange Rates API. If you have ever tried to pull exchange rates to calculate something on the fly in your code, you know how hard this is as most APIs charge for the data they provide. The popular solution has been to, using some PHP magic, perform a Google search on the currency conversion through their search API, which works but is a little unstable and frankly a pain in the ass.

The Open Source Exchange Rates API works great though, providing a JSON formatted API which is easy to pull in and use in a number of programming languages. It is as you understand, fully free and also updated every hour with the latest currency data. On their website they have proper documentation on how to use the API.

Join Our Free “Boosting Your WordPress Site’s Performance” Webinar on October 18

Once again we are hosting a free WordPress-themed webinar together with our parent company, Bernskiold Media. The topic this time is Boosting Your WordPress Site’s Performance and will go through a number of different techniques to how you can make WordPress snappier for your visitors, including a proper caching setup, saving on database calls and much more.

The free webinar will be live on October 18 at 2p.m Eastern Time (what time is this for me?) and a replay will be available afterwards if you cannot make it. As always though, the live webinar will have time for your questions so it is more beneficial to join in live.

5 WordPress Plugins Every Site Should Have

Whenever I set up a WordPress site for a client, I go through a number of plugins that really should be installed on every WordPress site. The ones I list here are my top choices that enhance functionality and add new necessary general functionality to WordPress. Let’s get started with the list which is in no particular order.

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Our Free Basics of Using WordPress Webinar Now Available OnDemand

The OnDemand version of our free Basics of Using WordPress webinar from a few weeks ago is now available to watch OnDemand and online over on Bernskiold Media. During the hour-long webinar we cover how to use the WordPress dashboard, working with posts, pages, links and media.

While it is free to watch it online (as many times as you want) you can purchase a downloadable version for just $14.95 (special introductory price) that you can store locally and watch wherever you are, on any device that you have.

CSS Button Generator Saves Time

Good-looking buttons are a vital part of your website as it can raise a mediocre website to a really good one. I prefer being able to have my buttons all in CSS now that it is becoming a viable option, saving having to load extra images when not necessary. It is however very time consuming to write the code for a CSS button with gradients and everything.

Well, CSS Button is a free beta service that lets you choose from a pre-defined template or start from scratch to create/modify a button. It is much quicker than having to do it manually. Plus, the pre-defined templates are pretty nice and offers a good start for a lot of button needs.

Helpful Site: .htaccess Redirect Generator

Unless you work every day with servers and configuring Apache, chances are that you might want to look up the syntax for the different .htaccess rules that you may need occasionally. Here is a site that will help you do this.

The free .htaccess redirect generator lets you generate the code for your .htaccess file based on a number of different settings. It is then easy to duplicate and create more rules should you need to. In short, it just helps you get the job done quicker.

4 New and Exciting Features in WordPress 3.3

I’m a big WordPress fan and here at XLD Studios we use WordPress for all projects where it is appropriate (which is a lot). Of course I am excited to play around with new versions of WordPress to see if they manage to improve the experience and take more steps towards a more robust CMS.

So, today I wanted to share a few of the new really cool things that have been added to WordPress 3.3 that is coming out soon.
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