Digital Marketing

Social medias have been spreading rapidly and gone from being a mere personal medium to be integrated as a cornerstone in business cultures where customer relations can be run effectively and in a closer relationship with your customers. This and other techniques for digital marketing should be used to your advantage.

Facebook, Twitter and blogs

Connect with your customers on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias. This puts customer service right where your customers want it and not only makes them happier, but can save your company time and energy too if you do it right. We at XLD Studios help you improve the flow of information and in that way increase “word-of-month” marketing based on happy customers.

Implementing active news feeds and interactive customer service pages for your Facebook or Twitter account is something we can help you with. Leverage the social era and let us help you to adapt your website so that your customers can comment, like, share, tweet (and all other social words) material on your website.

Digital Marketing Services

We create and adapt blogs for more personal customer relationships. Blogs are a great way of communicating expertise and are ranked highly by search engines as they are often a source for unique material.

Effective Digital Marketing with AdWords

Everyone knows that advertising can be expensive. The most expensive campaigns within digital marketing is the ones run without any knowledge, “just because”. Why not use our experience within web and online behavior to create a more cost-effective and efficient campaign that combines different ad methods such as AdWords and more.

Newsletters are Not Dead

For whatever reason many believe that newsletters are dead. This could not be further from the truth. The possibility of sending direct offers and messages to customers is a gold mine just waiting for you. By using the fact that your customers is asking you for information and offers, you can easily get the customer back for further business. Earlier clients are always easier to get back compared to attracting new business.

With a newsletter as part of your strategy for digital marketing you can spend a negligible sum to regain previous customers compared to the cost required to attract new ones through advertisements.

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Hear From Our Clients

Through out the execution of the web design, XLD Studios have continuously kept astonishing me with their professional work, outstanding communications and provision of guidance, teaching and sharing information.

Einar Erlendsson, FocusOnNature