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Learning to Embrace Code

Learning to Embrace Code – Why should and how can designers learn to code?

My other session at D2WC this year is one aimed to help designers learn to love code. As a designer, you can benefit a lot from knowing code.

Are you a designer? Do you live to create gorgeous designs? Having some trouble getting into coding? Designers benefit greatly from knowing how to work HTML and CSS in their workflow with developers. We’ll talk about effective ways to get comfortable with coding and learning how to embrace it and thus becoming a better designer.

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Matt Cutts

Google Webmaster Help on YouTube Answers Your Questions

One of the great resources for webmasters that Google put out, is their videos on the GoogleWebmasterHelp channel on YouTube. They are constantly uploading videos answering questions they get, all very good questions with usually excellent answers.

A personal favorite are the videos with Matt Cutts who usually talks about items related to SEO and what Google considers to be spammy. Check out the channel. It’s a great resource.

Search Engine Optimization

Why the SEO Industry Shouldn’t Be Surprised About Its Bad Reputation

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Boag wrote an article on Smashing Magazine that I personally thought had many good points in it. This post was slammed in the comments by people in the SEO industry, telling Paul why he was wrong and was followed up by a most excellent post “What The Heck is SEO? A Rebuttal” collaboratively written by trustworthy people in the SEO industry, explaining that in fact, Paul has the SEO industry all wrong, explaining what they really do.

What I find interesting about this, is reading the follow up post on Smashing Magazine, and one by Joost de Valk to learn that I, like Paul, have another image of the SEO industry that they so fiercely want to defend, and rightly so. Read More…


Experiences with CloudFlare

First of all, let me make it absolutely clear that this post is in no way sponsored by CloudFlare. Nor do we get any commission if you sign up, or click on any links (no affiliate links). With that out of the way, let me tell you about our experiences with CloudFlare over the past months.

We have been testing CloudFlare here at XLD Studios over the past months to see if we are comfortable in starting to use it more on client sites. Keep reading after the break to see what it’s been like. Read More…


Infographic over CMS Usage

Today I saw this infographic floating around Twitter and found that I quite enjoyed it. Overall, it does a good job at comparing at least the appearance of the most popular CMS systems that are used.

Most notably I think is that Joomla is still used greatly, even more so than Drupal, a system that I personally favor more as an upscale alternative to WordPress, when the WordPress features just doesn’t cut it. This is reflected in the average costs which are typically much lower for WordPress which indeed has a lower threshold for a basic site than does Drupal.

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Generate Placeholder Images On The Fly

A few days ago I found a new favorite resource when doing mockups. Often enough you need a placeholder image just to occupy some space while positioning elements and not necessarily when showing clients (don’t use these placeholders for that). is a service that generates nice and tidy placeholder images on the fly (which can be formatted too if you like). By just using the format and their domain as your image URL, you get a nice-looking placeholder, much better than a blank image tag.

<img src="">

jQuery Mobile Has Gone Final. Version 1.0 Is Released!

jQuery Mobile, the framework that makes it easy to quickly design a visually appealing mobile web application has now gone final with version 1.0 released today. It’s been in development for over a year but is already included in the latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 and has been used for a lot of people during its release candidate time.

If you haven’t played around with it, jQuery Mobile can do some pretty amazing things all for free and with minimal development time. For businesses that need a quick web application or an internal application, we would recommend jQuery Mobile because of its simplicity and reduced cost.