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New Site for the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences

During the fall we have been working on a project that I have been eagerly waiting to share with the world: A new website for the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences (Kungliga Örlogsmannasällskapet). The society, founded in 1771 and one of the royal academies of Sweden, approached us in need of an new website, both because it needed to be made more visually appealing, and because it needed to be easier to update.

Personally, I must say that this project has been very fun to work on and a big thanks goes to the society for having been wonderful to work with in every stage of the project. The best websites come from the best collaborations, something which this process amply highlights.

Why not take a moment and head over to the website and check it out?

Something Is Coming This Week!

Major tease today, I know! We are gearing up to release something by the end of this week as a christmas gift to all of you. I won’t say much about what it is (although if you look at the thumbnails you could hazard a guess) or give you any more specifics.

Instead, check back here by the end of the week and there should be something cool ready and waiting for you.

Updating The Site With A Seasonal Feel

It’s been a long tradition here at XLD Studios to make some tweaks to the site for different seasonal holidays. This tradition is something that I always enjoy because these minor changes are really fun to sit down and make.

I’ve just uploaded a seasonal twist to our header, including some snow around the logo which goes perfect with December. Who knows, maybe you’ll see fireworks appearing closer to New Years. *hint*

Tip: A seasonal tweak is always a good way to play around and change your design slightly a few times a year. Most visitors appreciate seeing the twist too!

Updates to My.XLD Studios, Our Online Client Center

Our online client center, My.XLD Studios has been updated to a new version. The new version brings many exciting new features with it, most of them to our backend that ensures that we can offer you a better service and experience.

My.XLD Studios is what we use to provide support to web hosting customers and is used for all of our billing to all customers. The upgrade is part of a bigger structural change to be able to provide WordPress templates for sale in the near future.

Alongside the upgrade, it has been fully integrated into the new website design with a slightly new design to the main system itself.

Welcome To The New XLD Studios Website!

I am very proud to be able to present to you the new XLD Studios website. We have been working hard on this website, bringing a lot of new features to it especially behind the scenes. It has been a long time coming and I take great pleasure in being able to present the updated website, better reflecting what XLD Studios does as a design company.

Keep checking back here on the blog for design and development related articles and videos from us, perfect if you want to learn a little more about the web.