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Why We As WordPress Theme Developers Need to Make Theme Options Pages Less Bloated

Preparing our own custom WordPress framework we have been looking hard at other WordPress themes out  there both free and paid. Apart from noticing a big difference in coding between the free and paid themes where paid themes usually adhere less to WordPress practices it is obvious that theme options pages for paid themes are becoming increasingly bloated.

In this article I want to explain why we as a WordPress theme developers can and should not contribute to making theme options pages even more bloated than they are. In contrary, we need to step away from the current bad practice and start utilizing what comes with WordPress.

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5 Steps To Successfully Evaluate All Client Projects And Make Clients Happier

I firmly believe that there is something to be learnt from every new project that you complete. It is incredibly easy to just briefly think about something you want to change in the process, never to write it down or remember it again. At the same time, it is easy to just slavishly move through project after project in the same way without a thought to potential improvements. Here I want to give you five steps that you can take to successfully evaluate all client projects and elevate yourself.

Projects start before the contract is signed. Don’t limit your thinking to just the project itself but broaden yourself to include the project proposal and estimate phase. Don’t wait to evaluate this until the project is completed. Immediately after signing a deal, go through the steps here. If a client is slightly unhappy with the proposal experience, why not take the opportunity and change it for the rest of the project which is likely to be a longer period of time anyway.

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