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Poedit Pro Adds Direct Support for WordPress Themes and Plugins

We’ve previously shown how to properly translate WordPress themes and plugins using Poedit. One of the steps is setting up the project with the right keywords and paths which can (due to the fast amount of keywords in WordPress) take a little time, especially if you do it often.

Now, Poedit has released a Pro version, that, in addition to supporting the development, comes with a quick WordPress theme/plugin mode that inserts all of these by default when you create a new project for a theme/plugin through the app.

Personally, I think the $19.99 is worth it just for this time saving feature and for supporting the Poedit development, seeing as it is an app that I personally use quite a bit.

To get it, just update the Poedit app to the latest version and you’ll be prompted to sign up, or visit their Pro page.


Create a Cascading Grid using Masonry.js

When you design a layout using floats, there is typically one problem. Each item needs to be as tall as the next one or your layout will break in one of a number of different ways. To solve this and create a true cascading grid, or masonry type pattern, you need to turn to jQuery.

Luckily, there is a good jQuery library available called, simply, Masonry that turns your standard floated layout into this cascading grid with very little markup necessary. It plays nice with framework such as Foundation too and is responsive-friendly as it reflows nicely when you scale your browser.

Just because it isn’t instantly doable in CSS, don’t shy away from creating this type of a design. It can be a really nice way of showing data on a site, where items typically are not the same height.

Learning to Embrace Code

Learning to Embrace Code – Why should and how can designers learn to code?

My other session at D2WC this year is one aimed to help designers learn to love code. As a designer, you can benefit a lot from knowing code.

Are you a designer? Do you live to create gorgeous designs? Having some trouble getting into coding? Designers benefit greatly from knowing how to work HTML and CSS in their workflow with developers. We’ll talk about effective ways to get comfortable with coding and learning how to embrace it and thus becoming a better designer.

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D2WC 2013: Designing and Developing for eCommerce

One of the conferences I really enjoy doing every year is D2WC – Designer, Developer Workflow Conference in Kansas City. Right now, it’s on again and I’m honored to have been invited back to speak-

This year, I’m doing two sessions, where one is on this topic: Designing and Developing for eCommerce. Click the more link to see what the session was about and see my slides. A recording will at one point be made available for conference attendees.

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WordPress Themes

5 Bad Practices to Watch Out for When Buying a WordPress Theme

Buying a WordPress theme can be a difficult business. After all, you want something that looks good and finding the perfect looks sure isn’t always that easy. Sadly, once you have found the most gorgeous theme you could ever have hoped for, it may still let you know.

In this post, I want to touch on 5 bad practices that exist the WordPress theme community and that you really need to watch out for when buying a WordPress theme.

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Happy Easter!

It’s this time of year again where we have a few days to relax and recharge our batteries. From us here at XLD Studios, we want to wish you a very Happy Easter. While we are working on some exciting projects through the weekend, we hope that you are taking some time off to spend time with family (we will be), eat good and enjoy yourself.



WooCommerce 2.0 hits the shelves

When it comes to eCommerce for WordPress, there is arguably no better plugin available than WooCommerce from WooThemes. The plugin just got a major update, WooCommerce 2.0 with lots of new features available.

As you would expect from a major update, the new version has some sought after features for store managers, developers and customers, who all benefit greatly from an upgrade, which isn’t all too hard to do either. Compatibility with previous themes and modifications (if done rightly) is a breeze.

You can read more about what’s new over on the WooThemes blog.

Matt Cutts

Google Webmaster Help on YouTube Answers Your Questions

One of the great resources for webmasters that Google put out, is their videos on the GoogleWebmasterHelp channel on YouTube. They are constantly uploading videos answering questions they get, all very good questions with usually excellent answers.

A personal favorite are the videos with Matt Cutts who usually talks about items related to SEO and what Google considers to be spammy. Check out the channel. It’s a great resource.


WordPress 3.5.1 Fixes Bugs and Tightens Security

It’s that time again if you have a WordPress site to get the updater running. The latest update is a maintenance and security release, WordPress 3.5.1, to fix some important bugs and security vulnerabilities. It is as always a simple update from the admin panel but may we just remind you to make sure you have a backup of your site just in case something goes wrong.

An overview of what is new and what they have fixed in this version, head over to the official blog post on where they outline a few of the most important ones and link to the trac for the full changelog.

If you don’t want to worry about the updates yourself, just contact us and we will happy to update your site for you to save some time, or invite you to sign up for our service plan where we make sure your site is safely backed up and updated at all times.